Thursday, May 25, 2017

Music Video Finale

My teammates are Malia Alo, Miranda Duarte and Raja Counts, we were supposed to have Isaac Dubey, but we weren't able to since there are only 4 members allowed in a group, oh well, what can we do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. We chose this song because it was the song that a majority of us had and since I don't really listen to songs with lyrics in them. So, our song is A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope. It's a good song, I've listened to it, it's a song with feeling. I can tell because I've listened to many songs, whether it be rap, love, country, electric and reggae. It will be extremely evident in the song itself if it has the feeling, love, time and dedication put into it.

The storyline that we created was sort of a direct interpretation of the song's lyrics mixed in with our own opinion of what the lyrics could be interpreted as. We chose this mainly because it fits with the theme that was created by the song itself. Our storyline's beginning is when Miranda has a good time with all her friends. The middle will be comprised of all her friends leaving her and going wherever because they don't like her anymore. The end will be when Raja comes, cheers her up and everyone will become friends again.

This wouldn't necessarily display my whole ability in camera work. But it does display my ability as an editor, the use of filters and green screen will really highlight how much I've grown in this class with the use of Final Cut Pro. Camera wise, I wouldn't say this'll be the best I could have done, especially with the b-roll, in my opinion it's a solid three, not four. With a lot of time constrictions it'll be extremely hard to be able to put in all the effects that we wish to have in our video so that it'll be the best it can be. So, that's pretty much all I can say about my whole music video project, I hope the critique goes well for all teams.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier


Plan & produce a 90-120 second fictitious movie trailer that captivates your audience without giving away the ending. Commit to a dramatic voice actor who can vibrantly hint at why your movie is a critically acclaimed “Must See”. Include an original movie poster and provide your audience with the highest level of production value so their eyes & ears stay glued to the screen! Well, this is pretty much our goal in a nutshell, I contributed to the movie trailer by doing the synopsis and the writing the voice acting script (since I'm bad at drawing). Well, the synopsis will be shown through the picture, so I won't bother typing that up. So, our trailer is original in a sense of idea, but it's definitely been played around with with some movie directors, aah the concept of memory loss, an interesting subject, is it not?

Our biggest challenge was definitely our plan. We had a hard time making our story have a coherent plot and an interesting storyline because it had a mystery type storyline, it's a bit hard making those interesting, but we did it. After that, it was smooth sailing from there. The filming was easy, the poster (although I didn't do it it was made by my teammates Cody Bailey and Sophia Ibañez) the editing was a blast, I love doing it, it's so fun every time you get to pace the video properly, adjust audio levels and add different transitions in our movie trailer. So, again, it was the best job for me since I enjoy making the movie trailer itself. Pretty much in a nutshell, the beginning was hard, and the middle was easy, we'll just have to wait for the end.

So, it was an interesting critique. That I have to say the least, interestingly enough the movie trailer critique was not what I had expected. A good majority of us voted on comedic value more than the sense of objectively editing the movie trailer with good production value and increased attention to detail. Well, I can't really control the way the people think, but I think it really shows true characteristics in Human beings, well, that's just my opinion anyway, there's not much value of it since were on the internet, so yeah. Moving on, we got a 3 (I think, Mr. Sanderl hasn't put in the grades yet.) I'm honestly pretty happy with what I got, I acheived the best that I had with my abilities and it feels accomplishing what I set out to achieve, it's a fun project, and I hope I get to do it again.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation

Following the project rubric, all animation teams will create a presentation to pitch their 2 BEST metamorphosis animation focus statements & story ideas to the class, then complete their production plan & storyboard before producing their 1-2 minute animated movie with a custom soundtrack. So, I want to go in depth, but I have explained the rubric before in my Retime Nature Video Critique, so I won't go into that again, but I do want to explain how we got our animation teams. Well, here are my teammates: Malia Alo and Richard Cabalona, we were discussing about what we wanted to do and we had very similar if not, the same ideas of this said Animation project. Then, I want to discuss our animation focus statements, with this, we actually had to make focus statements, a sort of Noun Verb Noun statement like: Jason Learns Patience or Darla Acquires Strength, using this focus statement we would be able to, well, focus on what our project would revolve on, it's characters, the storyline, so on and so forth. Now, we haven't really got in depth with our production plan and storyboard but at the time I publish this it would have been completed already, but at the moment, we are still in it's starting process, the production plan and storyboard itself is just a organizer of what our animation project would pretty much be, our contact info, and the story itself.

Our group's focus statement is "Wolf Understands Love," what is this focus statement about? You ask, in hoping for a satisfying answer that will relieve you of your concern for it, well our focus statement can mean a lot of things, it's all up to interpretation of the person. But, the message that we (our group) really want to give out is this: don't let the past get you down and stop loving, but keep moving forward, and push on. Inspirational isn't it, heh, but now I want to go on and explain the scenes that our group has planned for the focus statement. In a nutshell, the wolf's father leaves him (for some unknown reason) he meets this dog that helps him and he goes to this school that teaches him how to love again.

Our team got top three out of the top five animations of the class, I honestly didn't expect that we'd get top three, but we did, we pulled it off, somehow. I'm glad that we were able to get top three, but I really think that it isn't deserved, I've seen other teams who've really stuck to good quality production and animations, but still, we got top three, I'm proud, my teammates are proud and that's all that matters, to me, at least. Now, to the rubric, there will be a picture that would be self-explanatory of the rubric, but I want to explain it just in case. Now, for the clarity, understanding and message, that's basically the story of the animation, it's the meat and potatoes for the animation, characters, props and background, it's your animation types and how you drew them, creativity, originality and execution, in a nutshell, it's how original your story is and how well you executed it, for the overall animation part, it's pretty much self explanatory. So, what do I think? Well, I think that we did good, I enjoyed this project, and loved every step of making the animations for the critique, albeit it was challenging, it was fun too.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Geometric Portraits

In my opinion, I believe that facial expressions aren't universal. Based on this article that I found (Link Here) we can safely say that no, emotions aren't as universal as we thought. The research made by Paul Ekman during 1972 has created what we call the "Unversality" Theory which in turn, largely affected and influenced the studies conducted by other social scientists. Even some concepts television shows would show that emotions are universal! However, as shown in this article this theory was proven wrong by doing an experiment with 68 Americans visiting the Boston Museum and 54 Himba from two remote villages in Nambibia, they were shown 36 "weird" pictures. Although they had the same feelings, their faces weren't the same or "universal" as suggested through the Unversality Theory. In my personal opinion, this is why facial expressions aren't as universal as we thought.

First what we did was create a folder called "Poly Portraits". Secondly, we had to research about the topic (low poly art). Thirdly, we experimented with the  "Easy Way" as shown in the link here, it was pretty fun and interesting for a first-timer such as myself. Fourthly, we downloaded and saved a file called "LastF_Easy-Way", it in that folder, we saved the picture that we made with the easy way, it was pretty cool for a first timer of using a low-poly art style. Furthermore, we watched a video tutorial on how to make low-poly art the custom way in Photoshop, it looked extremely complex because (as I've said before) I'm still a first timer to actually making low-poly art in Photoshop. Lastly, we had to make the project ourselves, now when I made this project, I thought it was going to be extremely hard, and this thought was doubled at the part where we were making the outline, but as I got to use it even more, I slowly, but surely got the hang of it and it was pretty fun to do in all honesty.

I think that I did pretty well on my second poly portrait, well obviously I did, but there are some reasons onto why I was able to do this better that my first one. In the first one, I didn't detail my nose, mouth and eyes that well. It was taken with a lower resolution camera form our computers. It was also taken not that well, the lighting was off and our faces were not symmetrical enough. But, all that changed in my second poly portrait. I was able to learn from my mistakes and detail the parts where detail was required. The photo was taken with a higher resolution camera and with better facial expression. The lighting was good and since we didn't need any symmetry in the faces, it was easier to take the photo, and thus, resulted in a better picture. With the processes themselves, I would say that (again) the first one was harder to do since we needed an outline for the face and it was the first time for me to use the polygonal lasso tool  so I had a little bit of a hard time, not only this, we were a little pressured on time. Well, it (again) changed on the second one since no outline was needed, I was a little bit better on using the polygonal lasso tool and I memorized the shortcuts and processes themselves.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

Pretty much in a nutshell, nature impacted me in several ways. One of the ways it impacts me would be mostly in my music production, since I take a lot of inspiration from many different things, one of them would be nature and its beauty. Nature also just helps me relax and refresh my mind in general, the beauty of it is just, mesmerizing. My family loves to go outside, so the majority of my childhood was pretty much spent with nature, playing games (Filipino) like: Patentero and Batolata. Last but not least, it's just a majestic experience being one with it, it's honestly the highlight of everything we live for, in my opinion.

Timelapses are created using wide-angled type of shots, since we basically want to see and emphasize that time is passing. One of the ways you can do this is by getting the sky and the sun, why you ask? Well, since we want to emphasize that time is passing, what better way to emphasize it then using both the sun and clouds? If you want to make it even better, you can get people moving, wind hitting trees, grass and plants to symbolize that time is passing and the Earth is orbiting. Slow-mos should be closeups just because it should take all the details of the subject that we are taking a look at, it’s basically a macro shot, but moving at an extremely slow pace. Not only this, both the slow-mos and timelapses should be unique, not just something that we see everyday and what we see in some generic commercial on the television, so go, create, and be unique. 

My favorite part of this, was the experience. Allow me to elaborate,  since I just came here four months ago (at the time of writing this) it was mesmerizing, looking at the views and looking at the angles that make my timelapses and slow-mos. At the same time, I'm like a tourist here so all the sights, views, beaches and places here are new, even the language is different! By the way, the language here is extremely hard to pronounce and spell. To me, the hardest part about this was trying to stabilize, get perfect and unique shots that fit my standard of beautiful videos. To explain in detail, we have to get well positioned, lit, not shaky and most especially, unique shots that we don't just see in every single generic commercial that we see about our beautiful island, Kaua'i

We had a critique last Friday, and we were talking about our Retime Nature video project, for those who don't know what this, this is basically a project that involves us taking timelapses and slow-mos and highlighting the beauty of nature, we also made a poem and recited this poem over the videos that we took, and put this audio over it. Now, going into the critique, I honestly felt a little scared and anxious that my video wouldn't be up to the standards of my teacher (Mr. Sanderl) and my classmates for our critique. Before going into whether I agree or disagree how everyone voted for me, let's go into the rubric and lets see what standards needed to be had in the video to make it pass as a four, three, two or one. A four basically was a excellent video, it has great audio, visual and it has the "feel" in it, a three was a great video, but it wasn't excellent and not really up there, a two is a good video, but it could be even better and can have more into it, a one is a video that's incomplete, it's not good at all, and it has zero effort put into it. Now, let's talk to whether I agree with the votes for my video or not, to be perfectly honest, I just was expecting a three since my last shot was shaky and I breathed into the camera microphone, but I guess the people loved my "reading" voice and as I heard, that was one reason why they voted for my retime nature as a four, and not a three. I appreciate the votes that my video received and I love the fact that people appreciated my video, even though this was my first video project using a professional video editor.

Music Video Finale

My teammates are Malia Alo , Miranda Duarte and Raja Counts , we were supposed to have Isaac Dubey , but we weren't able to since the...